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Talks & Workshops 

Have a genuine, meaningful experience with ancient Irish stories and traditional song

Celtic Consciousness offers talks and workshops that explore the expression given in Celtic Gaelic art forms such as ancient myths, traditional stories and songs, poetry and proverbs relating to six key themes:



Six Themes of Celtic Consciousness






The Supernatural



Each talk and workshop will be specifically designed according to your choice of one or more of the themes best suited to your event.


The goal of these talks and workshops is to connect you with your deeper self by creating a meaningful and enjoyable experience through the sharing of the insights gleaned from these Gaelic art forms. This is an opportunity to come and engage with the soul of Ireland's ancient language. 


The key differences between our talks and workshops are the duration of the events and the interactive format of the workshop. In our workshops, we will share our experiences of these themes and of what they evoke in us as individuals within the group.  


If you are interested in knowing more about the talks and workshops or wish to organize one in your area, club or organization, we invite you to get in touch by clicking on the Talks & Workshops Inquiries button below.


All talks and workshops are given and facilitated by Dónall Ó Héalaí, the founder of Celtic Consciousness. . To read his story click on,                    

A Founder's Note. To see his bio click on the Circle of Collaboration


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