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One of the key catalysts in launching Celtic Consciousness has been the desire to create a community that shares an interest in Celtic cultural heritage. An essential component in bringing this community together is the creation of online content. Our goal is to use Gaelic art forms in a way that evokes self-reflection and allows for meaningful online viewing experiences connecting us with our deeper selves and with those around us. 


For many people, the online viewing experience usually consists of watching something on a smartphone or laptop while wearing headphones.  


How can an intimate, genuine experience of self-reflection be heightened for the viewer through this process of individual media viewing?


The age-old practice of writing has long been part of Celtic tradition and indeed Gaelic was the first vernacular in Western Europe committed to writing. So we decided it would be cool to combine the old practice of putting pen to paper with today's latest technology.


The Interactive Process

Our brief films are designed to provide an intimate experience of self-reflection using Gaelic art forms such as a traditional Irish song, story, and poetry all the while enjoying a visual tour of some of Ireland's lesser-known scenic gems. The suggestion is that you have pen and paper to hand and at the beginning of the piece, a question is posed for your consideration as you view the content. This process of writing down what the short film evokes in you comprises the interactive element of our project. We look forward to sharing our first short film with you very soon!


Online Feature Film 

Come on an intimate meaningful virtual journey through the ancient landscapes of Ireland

We are currently in the process of developing an online interactive feature film. This experience takes you on a guided journey through the remarkable Irish landscape. Our intention is to use aerial remote photography and  3D technology to capture Ireland in an incredibly imaginative, new way.


Informed by the Gaelic art forms of traditional Irish song, story, and poetry we explore the expression of themes from Celtic tradition such as Beauty, Ritual, Nature, Courage, Compassion and The Supernatural.


Questions will be posed either before or after each song and story, inviting you to reflect and jot down your response to each piece. For those who don't wish to write while watching the film, 3D technology in these short breaks will provide an immersive 360 vista of the stunning surroundings we'll find ourselves in.


Whether you're based in Cape Town or California, creating this online film allows you, regardless of your location, to come and have a meaningful experience of Celtic Gaelic Ireland.

We are developing an online funding campaign to raise the budget to make this project happen. If you are interested in this film or have any questions about it, or ideas on fundraising, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch by clicking on the box below.  

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