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In Your Home

In Your Home

Host an evening of traditional Irish songs and stories in your very own home

Celtic Consciousness offers the unique opportunity to host an evening of traditional Irish songs and stories in your private home anywhere in the U.S.  

This is a wonderful opportunity to recreate a traditional Irish custom and hold an intimate, joyous gathering where Dónall Ó Héalaí, will come for an evening and share Irish songs, stories, and poetry in an enjoyable and meaningful way with you and your guests.


An ancient tradition that survived into the last century, especially in the West of Ireland, was the custom of holding nightly gatherings in a neighbor's home, known as Oíche Airneáin, (a night of song and stories) during the cold, dark winter months.


At night-time, neighbors came together to enjoy well-loved stories and songs in the glow of a turf fire burning in the hearth. This was a hugely helpful custom for people in dealing with the harsh winter environment, allowing a rare opportunity for reflection and temporary escape from the difficult conditions of life.


It could be said that these communities were ahead of their time in using their own indigenous art forms of traditional Irish storytelling, songs, and poetry to overcome darkness and isolation. In such trying seasons, people delved into their heritage and tradition, and perhaps most importantly, sought each other's neighborly company, to carry them through to the kinder, sunny days ahead, thus living the Irish proverb;



 Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine

      We carry each other 



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